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Gadedi Stella


She was born in Lamia and shortly after her parents moved to Karpenisi, where she exposed herself to the influence of popular music, the ambulant cinema of those days, as well as classical music from the radio and circus performances, that defined her future music path. At thirteen years she droped out to move to Athens, where she dedicated to music. As a flutist, she made a name of herself at a very young age, performing in Greece and major european cities. For many years she has collaborated with greek and foreign orchestras as well as with the most important Greek composers. Her music path was influenced by Alekos Aenian, Nikos Mamagakis, Yanni P. Papaioannou, Yannis Christou, Dionysis Savopoulos, Nikolas Economou, Pierre Yves Artaud (her teacher in Paris), Manos Chadjidakis, and Kora Michaelian. She is very active in flute, compostition, and song.